The Luxe LeBlanc Team is Growing

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Internship Opportunities

Internship Requirements

    ⁃    Must be available 10 hours a week for 12 weeks beginning Monday 8/20/2018

    ⁃    Have a computer or laptop to work from home  

    ⁃    Send a resume of experience (personal and school projects if applicable may be provided)

    ⁃    Send 2 paragraphs explaining why you are the best candidate for this job

    ⁃    Look at my social media channels and website and give 3 ideas on how we can improve them.

(IG: @LuxeLeBlanc @itskatleblanc)

Photography Intern

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 ⁃    Takes photos for blog posts and social media content.

 ⁃    Attends and photographs fashion events, such as NYFW.

 ⁃    Natural esthetic preferred with minimal editing.

Content Coordinator Interns

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 ⁃    Works closely with social media intern to optimize quality of content. 

 ⁃    Corresponds with makeup artists for Makeup Monday features, fellow bloggers for Style Swap, couples for styling, photographers, hair stylists, videographers, editors and more.

 ⁃    Contacting showrooms for interviews. 

 ⁃    Maintains content calendar.

Public Relations Interns

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    ⁃    Pitching for public speaking engagements, hosting, collaborations with major companies and brands. 

    ⁃    Pitching style interviews with influencers. 

    ⁃    Pitching special styling events with major boutiques & stores.

Social Media Intern

Luxe LeBlanc Social Media.png

   ⁃    Works closely with content coordinator intern to schedule appropriate content for timely release.

    ⁃    Studies the trends and understands which hashtags to use.

    ⁃    Pre-schedules posts for optimal timing and assures there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

See positions above and apply here.

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