Virtual Wardobe Style Subscription

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my session options?

Closet clean out, virtual personal shopping, a custom style reference book or a fitting room session.

How long is each style session?

Up to one hour.

What’s a fitting room session?

Have you ever wished you could call a stylist while you’re shopping? Now you can! Simply let me know when you’ll be going shopping and we’ll pre-schedule a session so that when you’re ready to show me what you’ve selected, I can give you my honest feedback to avoid regretful purchases.

How do you conduct a closet clean out in an hour?

We play dress up! You send me pictures of yourself in as many looks and pieces from your closet as you’d like me to review and I take an hour to give you feedback on each one.

What’s the difference with virtual personal shopping in the standard package versus the premium?

Luxe Standard clients receive a carefully curated shopping gallery to shop at their leisure while Luxe Premium clients have their items ordered and shipped to them.

So, you mean I can contact you about any of my style needs, questions or concerns?

Exactly! I’m here for you and will respond to any of your style inquiries within 24 hours during business hours (Luxe Standard) or twice a day during premium hours (Luxe Premium).

Is there a minimum budget for additional premier shopping sessions?

Yes $250.00 U.S.

I don’t live in the United States. Is this program open to anyone around the world?

Bummer. At the moment, we only work with clients within the U.S but we will expand as soon as we’re able to.