I loved Marie and Kathleen - great facilitators and worked really well together. They complimented each other well and were really candid when sharing their own personal stories (encouraged us to do the same with each other - mirror neurons!!) LOVED the guided meditation...thanks for sharing after. Food was magnificent, of course. 1 on 1 coaching was fantastic and super helpful.


So much about this event came together perfectly to make it awesome. The meditation and networking activity was fun and creative… Marie and Kathleen did a fantastic job to keep the event on track and keep us focused with mini-consultations, and we were able to do what we went there to do - create our Vision Boards and make connections!

- Charlene

I loved being in a room with so many like-minded women! Just that alone was very inspiring… I liked the suggestions for different types of vision boards you could do. The workbooks were great; helped review the year and new goals. The soap is great! Thought the event was a reasonable price; gives you an idea if you want to have ongoing consulting without committing a huge amount up front.

- Tamara

Marketing was consistent and timely... Facilitators were great, knowledgeable and warm. The time blocking info was a good and is a necessary exercise for us all.

- Rabiat

The personal time with each professional was valuable. Sharing insight and life experiences with each of the ladies helped me to not feel alone in my struggles and pursuit for a better vision of my life.

- Jennifer

During the vision board party you will

* Meet like minded women of color who want more out of life

* Learn and practice mindfulness techniques to envision the life you want

* Create a vision board for your best 2019 (all materials included)

* Explore new strategies for better self management

* Reserve a personal style or social media management consult with Kathleen Leblanc

* Schedule a career coaching session with Marie Deveaux

* Learn how you can tap into an emerging network of professional and career minded women of color


Can I invite a friend?

Absolutely!  All women of color are welcome.  You can forward the link to this page.  Each participant does need to register separately, so make sure she reserves her spot before we sell out.

What should I wear?

Where your crafty pants - you know the ones that are super comfortable?  We are going to be cutting, pasting and dreaming all day, not to mention chowing down on some great brunch fare, so dress comfortably. Leave the heels at home.

Can I register and only come to part of the event?  Why is this vision board party so long?

While we would love to have you for any part of the day that you can join us, the full program does begin at 10am and includes tons of resources and exercises to aide you in creating your board and crafting your vision. This is some serious “me time” so don’t sell yourself short.

Can I bring my kids?

Nope.  This event is for grown ladies only.  Leave your kids at home and spend some time focused on you.  You deserve it.

How do I get to love & kindness wellness services?

We are fortunate to be located near the 2 and 5 train to Flatubsh Brooklyn College. You can also get to us by bus on the B6, B8, B11, B41. There is also a paid lot available at Triangle Junction (Target). Metered street parking is also available in 1 hour, 2 hour and 6 hour increments on some side streets.

I’m a nursing mom.  Can you accommodate my pump schedule?

There is a private room that can be used for pumping if you need it.  You are free to excuse yourself to use it whenever you need to throughout the day. We also have access to refrigeration so be sure to bring proper labeling and storage.  Please reach out directly to us here if you plan on pumping.

I bought a ticket but now I cannot attend.  Can I gift iT to someone else?

Yes, you can.  Please forward your email reservation for the event to the woman who will be taking your seat. We will collect the rest of her registration details when she arrives.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. 

How long are the consults and 1 on 1 sessions that are being offered?

The consults and 1 on 1 sessions are each 15 minutes in duration.  Marie and Kathleen will try their best to accommodate as many people as possible during the day. If you don’t get your consults during the event, you will be able to schedule another date to redeem either of your consults.

What is the Femme Totale?

The Femme Totale is an exclusive group for women of color seeking high quality mentorship towards their complete self. We learn together, we network, and we leverage and share resources that many would not otherwise get access to. This means deeply discounted intimate workshops, round tables with women at the top of their field, panel discussions, workouts, cooking classes. . . any and everything to help women of color get more seats at the table and slay all the way there.

Will there be more events like this in the future? How do I stay informed?

Yes! The January Vision Board Brunch was our 2018 kickoff event.  If you’ve completed your registration you have opted into our mailing list.  If you can’t join us on December 1st, you can opt in to learn more by signing up here.

What is THE Femme Totale?

Need to get it done? Whatever that "it" is, that you've been feeling stuck about, we are your resource to achieving that goal. The Femme Totale is an exclusive group for women of color seeking high quality mentorship towards their complete self. No more excuses about why you haven't applied for that position, quit your job, started your business, built that relationship, saved your money or just plain changed your life. If you're waiting for someone to have your back, we've got you! 

about your facilitaTORS

Marie Deveaux is the Founder and Head Coach at High Tides Consulting. Marie has worked in training and personal development for over 10 years. Her passion is helping women and minorities magnify their voices in corporate and entrepreneurial spaces. 


Kathleen LeBlanc is a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper at Luxe LeBlanc. She is also the owner of Platine Management, a social media and influencer management company. Her passion is helping women voice their personal brand through their wardrobe.

A special thanks to our sponsors at love & kindness wellness services.