10 Not So Basic Two Piece Sets for the Summer- Luxe Approved

It’s basically summer! Don’t let this funky New York weather fool you. The layers are melting away and you won’t be able to hide your outfits any longer.

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Between the warm weather, eventful nights, and weekend getaways, it can be overwhelming coming up with looks, not to mention living in this Instagram age, where outfits hypothetically don’t repeat. Don’t fret! Here’s a secret. One of my favorite interchangeable pieces are two piece sets. Effortless chic is the motto I live by and this trend can be just that.

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While every major fast fashion brand has a vast variety, I don’t like to look like the next person and certainly don’t like to dress my clients in clone wear. This yellow two piece set, gives me safari vibes without the khaki safari colors.

Luxe Style Tip: If you like something that seems common, get it in an daring color, unconventional print or cut.

I love that I can mix and match the top or bottom and still look IG worthy before you realize that I reused parts of my look three times. Here are 10 not so basic two piece sets that will spark joy, lol (thank you Marie Kondo) and get your creative juices flowing.

10 Not So Basic Sets

P.S. It’s great to be back! xoxo

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