Glam Feature: Olivia Pope Meets The Limited - 'Scandal' Collection


If you know me, you know that I love "Scandal" and most of all Olivia Pope's fashion sense. This is of course attributed to the very talented and tasteful costume designer Lyn Paolo. Lucky for us gladiators, we can stop drooling and dreaming of ways to emulate the scandalous leading lady's wardrobe because... Are you ready?... Olivia Pope meets The Limited! image

Now, this news gave me a bittersweet reaction. Bitter because I can't remember the last time I've stepped foot into The Limited, let alone seen one. In fact there are NONE in New York City. Trust me, I doubled checked their store locator.

Sweet because well, it's about time!! So much so that I'm willing to take a personal trip out to Jersey or Westchester to get a closer look myself.


According to the New York Times on 9/14/14

"The 'Scandal' collection at The Limited contains more than 70 items, with prices from about $49 to $250. The garments are due in stores and online next week and are scheduled to be available through May, the end of the 2014-15 television season."


One concern -- I get it, tall women are often required to model, as we can see above however, I loved that Kerry Washington, (5'4) who is closer to average height exuded power in her costume garments, that were well tailored to her body. So, I hope there are petite, regular and tall sizes.

What do you think? Will you be Pope-ifying your closet this fall? To get first dibs once The Limited makes the "Scandal" line available to the public you can click here or type in For now, you'll find this message: image

In the mean time, countdown: nine days 'til Scandal season 4!

Your Glam Stylist,

Luxe LeBlanc