Glam Guide: How to Build an All Black Wardrobe for Work


This post is dedicated to those who are mandated to have an all black wardrobe for work. If you didn't know they existed, take a closer look at the associates the next time you walk into Macy's or Mac. If you've just been hired at an establishment with these requirements, (congratulations) here's a guide to begin building your wardrobe with just 7 core pieces, 4 accessories and 1 pair of shoes. Believe it or not, this package will get you through your first month of work without repetition.

7 Core Pieces


1. Dress 2. Pencil skirt 3. Trousers 4. Cami 5. Blouse/ vest 6. Cardigan 7. Blazer

When you're just starting out, I'd advise that you begin with clean lines and simple material. I love my cutouts, lace, studs, and crazy fabrics as much as the next girl but a novelty piece will scream "she wore me two days ago" so, let's start with the basics. I chose this French Connection dress and pencil skirt by Reiss to give you the option of fit or flare. You could do the reverse, a pencil dress and a flare skirt, as long as the choices are there. Next are the Reiss trousers to give you pants as an option. A cami is fitted while a blouse or vest is loose, also giving you an interchangeable look when worn with the skirt or pants. The blazer from Mango and cardigan from Old Navy are two layering pieces that create a totally different ensemble. So, whether you wear the dress by itself today or with the blazer two days later, (much like men with suits, ties and handkerchiefs), no one will notice, unless they're just plain nosey.

4 Accessories


1. Chunky necklace 2. Layered necklace 3. Pendant necklace 4. Metallic belt

Ok so now this is where you can really get creative and fool everyone. Here's an example; on the left I've paired the black dress with the blazer and the layered Tory Burch necklace. On the other side, I matched the same black dress with the cardigan, wrapped the thin gold belt on the outside and added the chunky Vince Camuto necklace. Can you see how different the same dress looks even side by side? Don't think so hard, just do it! Mix and match everything including the Top Shop pendant for a more conservative look. Accessories are a great way to play up an all black wardrobe. Feel free to add any color gem or metallic that your work place permits. I just so happened to use a lot of gold for the sole purpose of showing variety within uniformity.


1 Pair of Shoes


Wearing black flats kind of reminds me of when I went to catholic school as a kid. Mom bought me one pair to last the whole school year, but of course I was growing so fast that I needed a new one mid year. If I could make it halfway through the school year, one pair of these Mod Cloth black shoes will definitely last you a month until you can afford to add some variety.


I hope I've alleviated your worries and inspired you to start putting your pieces together. Good luck with everything! Shop for your all black wardrobe below:

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