Glam Guide: How to Look Glam in a Sweater


When putting together a glamorous look, a sweater may not be your first pick but with the freezing forecast just around the corner, it's going to be a necessity. That doesn't mean your style has to suffer. I put together three looks in a beautiful gray quilted sweater that I found at Forever 21. I thought I'd do something a little different for this blog post. Instead of making outfit collages, I wore the pieces in a photo shoot. Special thanks and shout out to Lucas-Murray photography. So, here are  three ways to look glam in a sweater.

1. Pair it with a Pencil Skirt


Call it office glam or sensational scholar. In this first look, I layered my sweater with a denim collared shirt and an ivory necklace. I paired the top with a gorgeous, burgundy,faux leather pencil skirt. Tucking it all in felt like a lumpy idea but it turned out great because if you've got hips like mine, fluffing the sweater on top help create some balance on top. I added blue pumps with a brown lining to play off of the denim collar. This look is a stunner. I love it!

2. Add a Jeweled Collar


On a night out with my girls there's nothing like a pair of black shiny leggings and suede booties to stay warm a cute at the same time. This combination takes the sweater up a notch. To take it up all the way, I added a dazzling necklace that has the same shape as the neckline of my sweater to create a jeweled collar. If your sweater has a v-neck, wear a v-shaped necklace. You can create a whole new sweater everytime you change your necklace. So much fun!

3. Wear a Fitted Embellished Blazer


This urban glam look is for my city girls, especially if you're from Brooklyn! I kept the leggings from above but switched my heels for J's. The glam is all in the jacket. Match your sweater up with a fitted, embellished blazer to create more of a silhouette than a slouchy effect because we tend to have better posture in heels than in flats. The structured jacket will keep your look together effortlessly and the studs, chains and patches are sure to keep trouble makers away. Tough glam baby!

Now that I've given you some ideas to look glam in a sweater, get your own and get to styling. Shop sweaters below.


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