Glam Guide: How to Transition Your Summer To Fall Fashion


It's post Labor Day and back to school season. Most often than not, summer is usually ending as the forecast warns us of brisk mornings and cool evenings but on the contrary, it's still beach weather around her in New York City. I remember grabbing a cardigan or jean jacket around this time of year but technically, most of us don't realize that the official first day of fall is September 23rd so, until then keep your summer clothes out and add some fall pieces as the temperature decreases. Below are three looks from my closet that I loved wearing these past few months and will make work this autumn. You can do it too. Here's how to transition your summer to fall fashion. image

I love this double slit, sleek, sleeveless, cotton black dress with golden decals. The back is open and the entire outfit is airy on a hot summer day despite it being the darkest color possible. I love glamming it up with my sexy strappy stiletto sandals and pretty earrings and bangles. To transition this dress from summer to fall fashion, I'll wear my leather decorated jean jacket and black booties with metallic detailing for an urban glam look. Perfect for a night out with the girls or a concert in the city.


Now this H&M dress, I adore! The army green against my skin tone reminds me of the jungle and takes my imagination on a safari. The cinched torso creates a false bustier effect, highlighting the smallest part of my waist and creating volume above and below. The zipper adds edge to this cutesy number. I keep it feminine with white and beige strapped sandals and Kate Spade (the epitome of adult girliness) accessories. To transition this dress into fall, I paired it up with a flowy purple cardigan, beige pumps and chunky off-white/gold accessories. I'd wear this out to dinner and remove the sweater once I'm warm enough.


I think I'll be passing this dress down to my future daughters, if I haven't worn it out by then. Just kidding, but it is among my favorites. I love that the colors allow me so many options of shoes and accessories. I often wear it with my strappy stilettos to bring out the black outlining on the dress and create lines to oppose the circular design. For the fall, I've added my two-toned blazer (of which I'm so over because that style was overdone last winter but I'll still wear mine), black thigh highs from H&M and black jeweled stiletto booties. This look is great for a fashionable meet up where heads are sure to turn in admiration of the unexpected summer remix.

I hope I've inspired you to transition your summer clothes into fall fashion. Whether the temperature is confusing you or you've delayed your autumn shopping, you can still make use of your summer gear in a glamorous way.

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Hope to see you Saturday! image

Your Glam Stylist,

Luxe LeBlanc