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I'd imagine that wearing animal print dates back to Neanderthals. Well, that's just plain wearing animal. Not to mention, it was probably one of very few articles of clothing which they wore to keep warm. And still, so many years later, animal print is in! In fact, Jackie Kennedy wore an authentic leopard coat designed by Oleg Cassini (who we talked about in last week's Wedding Wednesdays post) that allegedly almost wiped out the species (after the trend spread like wild fire) which birthed quality faux fur. Thank goodness! image

Leopard print is one of my absolute favorites. Anyone can do it. As the colder weather creeps in for the fall, it's the perfect time to update your wardrobe [see current promotion below] and add some leopard. Last week, I parted with my leopard print booties at Housing Works. Hopefully they'll make someone else happy. Now, I'm on the hunt for a new piece.

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If you consider yourself glamorous, you better have some leopard in that closet of yours. The thrill of seeing such a feisty piece in your wardrobe is empowering. Leopard print represents the power and strength of a majestic feline marked by subtle femininity in the black rosettes (mini roses) across it's golden fur. Show who's the queen of your jungle. Don't let the print intimidate you. Here's how you can add leopard to your wardrobe this fall.

1. Start Small - Leopard Print Accessories

If you're new to this, let's take baby steps. You won't know how it works until you try. Start out with accessories. You can find leopard print sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, purses and more. My middle model is sporting a silk leopard scarf with a simple off-white button down and cranberry slacks. As small as it may be, the scarf adds instant visual interest to the outfit. Small to medium sized leopard print jewelry will have the same effect. It doesn't take much to spice up your look with this print.

2. Get Bold - Leopard Print Focus Piece

If you're feeling a little more confident, let's take it a step further. Find your focus piece. This means that your leopard will be easily spotted but everything else around it will be subtle. For example, leopard print shoes are perfect for the fall. It's warm brown tones invite autumn into your wardrobe. They pair lovely with deep reds, darker greens, mustard yellow, brown, black and many more. If your shoe is your focus point, you can wear them with a simple solid colored dress like my first model in green. Most people feel more comfortable in a black dress to match the rosettes but I dare you to step outside the box and try another color.


3. Get Wild - Leopard Print All Over

Now, that you've graduated to the wild side, you're ready to try leopard all over. Leopard can be worn on top as a blouse, blazer, jacket or coat and on the bottom as pants or a skirt but I wouldn't suggest doing it from head to toe unless your goal is to be a leopard for Halloween or you've found the perfect full length leopard dress. Because the print can be so attention grabbing, don't let the piece wear you. Keep in mind that all leopard does not look alike. The prints vary in size, shapes and colors. Tip: if you tried on a leopard garment and all the attention is being drawn to it instead of your face, go for one with a lower contrast. Learned that from my extraordinary mentor in styling, Bridgette Raes. If you look closely, you'll notice that model 3 has on a loud leopard print blouse and her black shoes are also leopard print. So, I'm encouraging you to have fun when searching for your leopard pieces this fall.


Now that you know how to wear leopard print, here are some items I thought you might like. Shop leopard print below.

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