How to be confident wearing minimal to no makeup?

Welcome back to our Makeup Monday feature. As promised, every other week, I will be posting a new makeup post because after all, whats a great outfit without the complete look? While I imagined I'd feature a new makeup artist each week, I realized that I have some gems to share as well so here is one. Today I'll share with you how I find the confidence to wear little to no makeup.

To be honest, I love the way my features are enhanced with makeup but at some point, I feel like I have dirt on my face that I can't wait to wipe off. That being said, my everyday look is usually a minimal makeup routine to no makeup at all. 

Let's break my face down, shall we.  

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1. Eye Brows

Woah! Look at my bushy brows. Can't miss those! LOL. I've been growing my eyebrows out now for almost a year. I used to get them threaded often but after a while my brows started looking super thin at the ends. Even when I'd ask for a clean up, I'd come out looking bald at the brow bone so I decided to go back to my natural fullness. To my luck, bushy boy brows were in style! 

Whether in style or not, I believe an easy way to look put together is by filling in your brows. I use a brow pencil, then lightly highlight them with my concealer. 

2. Eyes

I'm tired! Can you tell? I have an 18 month old and a newborn on the way. This working mama is exhausted but nevertheless I need to look put-together. My go to, to brighten my eyes is concealer; applying it under my eyes and on my eye lids. I use a hue that is just a shade or two lighter than my skin tone and blend it into my face with a blending sponge.

As for my barely-there lashes, I use a lash extending mascara that adds fibers to mine. Honestly, one of the coolest inventions in my opinion. 

3. Nose

Anybody want to dive into these pores?! LOL. You can literally count the craters on my nose. A simple facial steam over a hot pot to tighten up my pores, some self acceptance and I'm on my way! There's really nothing more I can do about my genetic makeup (no pun intended). I got it from my mama.

4. Lips

 Surprisingly, no, that beauty mark is not my birthmark. It's my daughter's birthmark to me. I discovered it shortly after giving birth to her. I think the part that's always confused me about my mouth was the two toned differentiations of my upper and lower lip and the dark extensions of my mouth that makeup artists always color correct to conceal. 

A great lipstick or colored balm goes a long way when I want even colored lips and to feel va va voom without the layering of makeup. And on the days that my smile extenders (that's how I prefer to explain them) bother me, I just use concealer there as well. 

5. Face/Skin

I love my skin! I used to have giant pus filled pimples that would take 3 days to formulate and 5 to leave. I'd pick at them and make marks on my face. When I took a conscious look at the way I was eating, I made a change for the better, eating more fruits and vegetables, healthier fats/oils and drinking water (that's a struggle for me sometimes) instead of juices and sodas, I saw a major difference. 


Updated 8/24/18

Many of you have written in, requesting a final look! Thank you. Here are my filled in brows, brightened eyes, lengthened lashes and pop of lip color; my minimal makeup look.





My point is this; do what works for you and stop being so hard on yourself. Love yourself from the inside out and it will show.

Are there any articles of makeup I've missed that are your must haves? Comment below and let me know.

Hope this article helped!


Luxe LeBlanc