New Year, Same You, New Attitude - #TransformationTuesday


We are more than halfway through the first month of the new year! Ridiculous, I tell you. How are your resolutions going? Mine? Non-existent. Not because I've already broken my commitments but because I didn't make any. While the new year is merely the difference of one day in a normal week, it signifies new beginnings, a fresh start. Some people like to say, "new year, new you" but I say new year, same you, new attitude.  To me, it's not about becoming a new person but rather tapping into your potential and riding them into the sunset.  The "old" you was always fabulous, now it's time to bring it out with a new look on life.  Let's unwrap your new attitude in 3 steps! Here's how…

Your New Vision


What are your biggest goals for this year? Haven't made any yet? Start now.  Go ahead and dream big! Bigger than you think is within reach.  Be prepared to hear plenty of people tell you to "be realistic" or laugh off your ideas.  Solution: ignore them.  What will it take to make this dream a reality?

Problem: Is it a certain amount of money?

Solution: There are plenty of funding sites like Go Fund Me, Kick Starter and Indiegogo.

Problem: Meeting someone in particular?

Solution: Reach out to them, network and remember, celebrities are people too, they can be reached.

Problem: Does it require accomplishing a previous goal?

Solution: Finish what you started.

Whatever it is, envision your goal and work backwards.  Set monthly, weekly and even daily assignments for yourself.  With a little discipline, in no time at all, you'll see your dreams slowly transitioning into reality. A helpful reminder is a vision board.  Cut out pictures, words and anything that you can pin to your board to constantly remind you of what you are aiming to accomplish.  While you're cutting, remember to cut out the nay sayers from your plans and instead surround yourself with positive people. Trust me, it makes the world of a difference. New year, same you, new attitude.

Your New Motivation


Have you been feeling lost in where to begin or what to do with yourself? Find a new motivator! Is there a song or genre of music that gets you going and makes you feel invincible?  Do you have an inspirational book that feeds your soul on the daily?  Maybe an activity that clears your mind and puts you into focus?  How about that person who refuses to let you quit or fail? Whoever or whatever that person or thing is, that's your new motivation.  Keep the positivity flowing, focus and conquer.

You don't need to do a lot to be accomplished.  A little goes a long way.  I don't know about you but back in high school, when we'd have long breaks from school and lots of assignments, I'd be the one to start them a few days before going back to school.  That predator called procrastination was no joke.  I'd be up the night before back-to-school typing the last of my papers.  Of course I could have done a few pages a day and be done with it sooner and more productively, but I chose not to.  Your success is a choice.  Do a little every day, even if it seems as insignificant as a seed buried under a pile of dirt and watch your vision grow.  Stay motivated, it's a new year, same you, new attitude.

Your New Love


Is your phone nearby? Take a selfie, add the hashtag, "I love me" and post it.  Do you honestly mean it? You really should, because there's no one out there who can replace you.  You've got a extraordinarily different package to offer this world.  More so than even the person you think you have the most in common with. Crazy hunh?  My favorite quote is

"Be yourself, because everyone else is taken."

Yes, I'm a wardrobe stylist and I can transform you into the most gorgeous version of yourself, but I cannot make you love yourself.  When I provide my services, my clients and I talk about how they'd like to look and often times omit the possibilities that they had in mind because they don't "look the part." Never count yourself out! Truth be told, I've seen many people around me lose weight for the sake of being accepted by everyone else and I thought they looked more beautiful in their fuller state.  I'm not at all promoting being unhealthy, by all means, lose the weight to be healthy but not purely for acceptance.

Take the time out to discover who you are, what you like, love and hate, what you want in life and what's best for you outside of what everyone else thinks. Then you'll truly begin to love yourself for who you are.  Don't worry about who doesn't like your hair, your weight, your laugh or your dreams because at then end of the day, it's you and yourself.  It's a new year, new you, new attitude.

Team Luxe


This year has already begun a good one so I won't even say that it's going to be.  If you've got your new attitude and are ready to make moves, join me on my journey.  I've got new, better, funny, happy, amazing, and of course stylish things and events prepared to share with you this year but I want to see your work as well!  Let's stay connected, sign up for my newsletter (on the side or below).

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