NYFW Series: Yellow Fall Dress and Denim Pumps

On this beautiful day during NYFW, I wore a yellow fall dress and denim pumps to brunch. I celebrated with a fabulous friend at Cheri's in Harlem. The ladies and I had the best time. The ambiance was sweet, the food was great and the live music sealed the deal. The group of women who came out to celebrate, was the cherry on top. We were a lively and fashionable bunch. Here's what I wore. 


Photo Credit: Lucas-Murray Photography

I ordered this flirty yellow dress with bell sleeves and a flounce skirt. It is not a maternity piece but had enough room for my baby bump since it's a shift dress. I decided to pair it with my denim pumps. Since it's getting cold out, I pulled some close-toed options of denim pumps for you below.  

Luxe Tip: Shift dresses are great to have. They come in handy if your weight is fluctuating or you’re working on a problem area.

This necklace was difficult to wear. It was actually given to me by one of my blog readers who didn't know what to do with it and challenged me to wear it. Honestly, it's been among my jewelry for months and I felt this dress allowed it to shine since the yellow was subtle and the other colors accented the dress. I normally don't like to combine red, orange and yellow in this capacity but there's a first time for everything!

I love the back of this dress. The silhouette is very feminine and flirty. You can't even tell I'm pregnant from behind!

This purse is from the Luxe pop-up boutique. Keep posted as I'll be putting up the virtual store soon. I have it in yellow and white stripes. 

The keyhole back ties up. Super cute!

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Shop the look below and leave a comment. OH! And Did you see my review of this dress? (Video Below) 



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