Primark NYC Haul + Review

Primark, Primark, Primark... (sigh).

Before I get into my haul & review, here's a little back story. My good friend Kiya has family in England and every time she goes to visit, she comes back raving about this store called Primark. As a stylist & personal shopper, of course I'm intrigued so I'd check online for my local Primark but there were none in the U.S. at the time. Ordering online seemed like a good option but I'm the kind of shopper that has to feel the quality for myself and once I trust you, then I'll order via internet. 

Some time had passed and I got wind of a Primark opening in Staten Island. For those of you who aren't familiar with the 5 boroughs, being from Brooklyn, SI is a trek! Public transportation takes over an hour and includes the busses, trains and a ferry. I was going shopping last minute for my trip to Florida and traveling for a total of 4 hours did not sound appealing so I bit the bullet and paid the hefty $17 toll.

Guess what? It was so worth it! 


Reminder, I have just given birth 4 months ago. After wearing maternity clothes for almost a year, it's definitely time for a new wardrobe.

Here are some flatlays I've created of the items I bought.

My Review

Let's talk price. I bought a total of 26 items for $231.56. My biggest ticket item was my suitcase at $52.00.  


About the quality, I imagined that for these prices, the clothes would be poor in material but no. Then I thought, well there must be some sweat shop action happening and again, no. According to Primark, their clothes are


and they're very transparent about the process from beginning to end. 

Instead of posting my looks one by one, I created a twin series of my looks. Check them out below. I love the fact that I look expensive and chic on a dime. I'll definitely be back to see what's coming in for the fall. Let me know what you think! Will you be heading to your local Primark?