Bonus Bridesmaids Dresses


How to Choose Bonus Bridesmaids' Dresses

How many bridesmaids dresses have we collected over the years with no means of reusing? I'm not as bad as Katherine Heigel in 27 Dresses but my collection might as well have been. I wouldn't even dare donate them to a prom organization and ruin a once in a life time moment for a high school senior. To my beautiful brides-to-be, here are some tips on how to have a happy bridal party without forfeiting fashionable photos.

1. Convertible Dress


When I got married last summer, my girls came in all ages, shapes, heights, and sizes. The challenges I encountered while choosing my bridesmaids' dresses were; some had large breasts so I couldn't pick a strapless or low neckline. Others preferred covering up to be age appropriate or hide imperfections but I was not putting anyone in long sleeves or skirts during the hottest days of summer. I was stressing out until I discovered convertible dresses by Henkaa. This is even better than a convertible car, I mean it. A convertible dress is one that can be customized and worn to your liking on top while the bottom remains the same. They usually come in a simple singular tone and can be embellished in any way you'd like to create uniformity among your bridesmaids. Henkaa has a variety of colors and provides an online tutorial for all 21 ways that the dress can be styled. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I was hesitant because the material looked jersey-ish but it was smooth, pretty and photographed very well. Though Henkaa is based in Canada, shipment comes quickly. Order some free swatches for yourself here.


2. Keep a Color Scheme

It sucks big time when you've found the one bridesmaids' dress that you love but the company doesn't have everyone's size and it can't be ordered because the manufacturer doesn't produce them anymore. Who does that?! Ugh. Solution: choose a color scheme and have everyone pick their own dress within your guidelines and restrictions. Everyone will be happy, including you and it won't be your fault if they never wear it again because they picked it out themselves. The featured photo is an example of how I would put it together. If you'd like to more information click here.

3. Rent a Dress


Hey! The guys do it (rent a tux that is) so, why can't we? If you know your bridesmaids won't be wearing these dresses again, consider renting. How cute is this company, "LBD?" Not "little black dress" but "Little Borrowed Dress." Their dresses are simple and elegant. The bride chooses a style and color for the bridesmaids, and the bridesmaids order their size. The dress arrives at their door two weeks prior to the wedding. Note, orders must go in 3 months in advance. They also send a sample of free swatches so you can feel the material before deciding. LBD even includes a paid return label to make the final process a breeze after the wedding. Check them out here.


If you're looking for something more upscale, Rent the Runway has incredible dresses. Some brands retail at $800 but are rented for under $100. These are actual looks from the runway minus the runway price. Don't worry, the spotlight will still be all yours. Take a look here.

I hope I was able to broaden your options to find the right dress for you and your bridesmaids. For more information on our Red Carpet Styling and Platinum Pampering for your wedding day please fill out an information request. Remember to share this article with every bride-to-be that you know so that they too might benefit from these few tips. Thank you and best wishes on your big day.


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