Cultural influence

Glam Feature: Rumah Kaftan Citra

I've never really considered wearing a kaftan until I found Kaftan Citra on Instagram. Growing up in the melting pot called Brooklyn, I went to school with people of many cultures and faiths. The closest I'd ever been to a kaftan were my Indian or Muslim friends who would show me pictures from special occasions.


A Little History

According to my research, kaftans have been around since ancient Mesopotamia and have been worn by both eastern and western cultures. Initially they were worn by men and in some countries and beliefs still are but I think the female version knocks the competition out of the park.

While I imagine this garment often serves as a modest piece, I can't help but drool over the sleek fit, leg slits and beautiful Moroccan beading. See for yourself.

Rumah Kaftan Citra

Kaftan Citra is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Though they've only been around since 2011, they've managed to build an Instagram following of about thirty thousand with customers worldwide. Kaftan Citra has a little bit for everyone from pop culture versions like the Rihanna to the more traditional fully covered Aurora Princess style. If you wanted to go for a "mommy and me" look, they have the cutest children's kaftans to match yours, (minus the cleavage and slits of course). Kaftan Citra uses what they call a "high quality of spandex ( yes, its stretchy and will follow your body shape ) with Premium hand beaded of moroccan beads." I am not big on spandex all over but I've seen enough of their dresses on various body types from different angles to know that it's not cheap. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. These beautiful dresses are under $100! Plus they offer promotions on their site. For a custom made (they ask for your height and size), hand beaded garment, that price is incredible!

Where Would I Wear It?

You might be thinking, well all that's good and dandy but where the heck am I wearing this too? Step outside of your comfort zone and wear the Kimmy on a fine night out. Make an appearance this winter in the Elena. There's a shorter version available called the Elena Tunic, absolutely gorgeous. Rock the Clarissa to your own baby shower or a gift a mom-to-be. Wear the Lydia to your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. My all time favorite that I'd wear even if I had nowhere to go is the Velove kaftan in violet. Such a regal piece! I love it and can't wait to get mine. Yes, of course I'll show you when I do but in the mean time, do me a favor; follow Kaftan Citra on IG @rumahkaftancitra and spread the love. Thank you, xo.


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