Miss Hudson Valley 2015

Feature: The New Miss Westchester and Miss Hudson Valley 2015 Queens


This past Saturday, August 16, 2014 marked the five year anniversary of the Miss Westchester/ Hudson Valley pageant competition. Congratulations to the team and the new queens! Meet the lovely ladies below. image

The new titleholders (from left to right) are Jordan Rose Decker, 18, Pleasantville, Miss Westchester Teen 2015; Nadia Manginelli, 21, Peekskill, Miss Westchester 2015; April Maroshick, 21, Valley Stream, Miss Hudson Valley 2015; Sophia D’Ambrosio, 16, Duanesburg, Miss Hudson Valley Teen 2015.

With an all red theme for the Miss and a silver/white theme for the teens, each beauty queen allowed her personality to shine through her gown choice. I couldn't ask for a better variety. If you like their looks as much as I did, I've pulled some pieces for your own shopping experience. Simply click on your favorite(s) to look like the queen of your choice.

Miss Westchester Teen

Jordan Decker wore a sleek gown with dazzling gems from top to bottom. Here are two glamorous options to look like Miss Westchester Teen. image image

Miss Westchester 2015

Nadia Manginelli rocked a high-neck, full lace gown. The inner sweetheart neckline and knee length lining took this dress up a notch in a sexy way. Here are two ways to look like Miss Westchester.

image image











Miss Hudson Valley 2015

April Maroshick chose a gorgeous crystal-decorated high neck line, attached sweetheart and low back gown. To achieve Miss Hudson Valley's look, try one of these.

image image

Miss Hudson Valley Teen 2015

Last but not least, Sophia D’Ambrosio was adorned in a sweet white floral-embroider, illusion, a-line gown that flowed like a goddess at the bottom. Here's how to look like Miss Hudson Valley Teen. image image

Once again congratulations everyone! I can't wait to see their fashion picks this season and most importantly, the positive impact these ladies will make in many lives this year.


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