Throwback Thursday: Luxe LeBlanc Launch Party


Happy Anniversary

Were you there 2 years ago today when we first let the world know about Luxe LeBlanc? On this throwback Thursday celebrate our anniversary (and my birthday) by sharing this post with a friend.

Two Years Ago Today #TBT

The Luxe LeBlanc launch was held at The Gift lounge in the Grace Hotel, Times Square, New York. From the chic furnishing and lighting to the swimming pool and signature Luxe drink, I couldn't ask for a more chic glam atmosphere to represent our company. I watched anxiously from upstairs as the crowd piled in. Red carpet photos were being taken and everyone was celebrating with a drink in hand. The night began with an unforgettable live performance by local R&B heart throb GBrunot. He wooed the pageant models who strutted the perimeter of the pool showing off their jewels from the Luxe LeBlanc Boutique (coming online in 2015). My sister queen Miss Hudson Valley 2012, Megan Hernandez made an appearance and introduced me to the crowd. They cheered wildly, it was amazing. It was time to "cut the ribbon" and though it was figurative, I definitely brought my own ribbon and scissors. The belles of the Haitian women's empowerment organization BelTiFi were at my side. It was done, Luxe LeBlanc officially opened for business. I couldn't feel more proud of myself for this accomplishment. See for yourself. I smiled so much, my cheeks hurt by the end of the night.

image image

So Grateful

I couldn't have held such an incredible event without my event producer and host Fred of Boom Boom Entertainment and project coordinator Farah of L.O.I.S. They sure know how to party! Dnalsi did a great job making a special edition Luxe LeBlanc t-shirt for the night. The event was also sponsored by LeBlon rum, the Haitian American Caucus And Khinky Hair. A great big heart felt THANK YOU to everyone who took part in bringing my dream to life.

Don't Ever Quit, Dreams Do Come True!

image image All photos courtesy of Amour Creole Magazine who covered the event.

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