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Glam Feature: Miss Haiti 2014 and MeJeanne Couture


Miss Haiti 2014


Congratulations to the new Miss Haiti 2014 of the Miss World beauty pageant, Carolyn Desert who took the crown by fierce.  Yes, I mean it, she was absolutely fierce and might I add stunning in her custom made yellow MeJeanne Couture gown. The 25 year old restaurant owner spoke profoundly about how important it is for women to shut out the voices that dictate who we should be and listen internally to our true selves. Carolyn stated that women are pillars of families and ultimately the world in an interview with Digicel. The interview is in Haitian Creole but I've written the English translation below.


"My name is Carolyn Desert, I'm 25 years old. I'm from Haiti, Port Au Prince but I spent ten years living in Miami so, I would consider myself a diaspora.

What's important to me is that women learn to know themselves, love themselves and know their worth. It's very important to me because I feel that we have so many sources telling us how to be, how to look, how to act, that there are many of us who never take the time to learn what's in our core, what we're made of, what we like. Therefore, for me it's very important for us to pull ourselves away from all that's in style, all trends, all that they say we should be so we can search for what truly makes us happy. For example, myself, a few years ago, I decided that I'm [going to] truly look at myself. What is Carolyn? Not a young lady who's eighteen years old who goes to school and the likes. It's what truly makes me, me and when I took this step back, I learned a lot about myself and I realized my worth. The fact that I know faults, my qualities, what makes me, me, what I need to work on, I learned a lot.

Firstly, I decided to remove [my] relaxer. Yes, it's hair and hair only but for me it signified a lot. It signified that I was comfortable with what I had, what God have me, my culture, my roots.

I learned to appreciate [Haitian] creole because I grew up in a school where they practically told you, 'you cannot speak creole,' 'you're not supposed to speak creole' and I never took the time to think about why. It was just "no." Then I thought to myself and I said 'I'm Haitian,' the first country to remove itself from slavery under the French. We've kept our language, therefore, that's what we should speak. So, all these things, through learning myself, I saw that it really pushed me to do extraordinary things because I believed in myself. I came to know that I'm unique for a reason. God made me the way I am for a reason. Therefore, it pushes me to do all that I want. I push myself with all my potential because I've come to know who I am.

So, this is what I see is most important, that the women, not that I have a problem with the men, but I always say that it's the women who carry the world. It's us that holds the world, it's us that carries the world. If we're not comfortable with ourselves, if we don't know ourselves, the world won't know themselves either. Therefore, to me, it's the most important to me that women who are the pillars of the family, that they stand firmly, know themselves and know their worth. Yes."

Such a strong and powerful message! Carolyn touched on hair and I have to say, I've noticed that the Lupita Nyong'o Caesar hair cut trend has greatly influenced the modeling industry. If you don't believe me, go on a clothing store's website (i.e. express.com) and you'll very likely find an African American model, with a Caesar. While I was getting tired of seeing this, I am delighted to see a women with the cut crowned! As you may have seen in my pageant photos or followed me during my campaign, I touched on the importance of representing your true self instead while I sported my afro during the Miss Westchester pageant competition. I love that Carolyn was able to show her true beauty without hiding under the expected waist long weave. Don't get me wrong, I switch my hair up all the time and did just that for my wedding but it takes a bold and confident woman to shave off her hair and compete in an industry that glorifies a specific look. So, thank you Lupita for making it more acceptable and to Carolyn for owning her natural look.


MeJeanne Courture

image This post is a two fold feature. I'd also like to congratulate MeJeanne Couture for the spectacular evening gowns that each contestant adorned. This sea of beauties all wore a similar a-line silhouette however each had their own color and details. The color choice for Carolyn could not have been better. It brought out her gorgeous skin tone, smile and eyes. Growing up, I hated pleats but the overlapping details on this number is to die for. I love MeJeanne Courture's designs.


Oh! Speaking of yellow, did you see the cape dress the contestants wore for their opening number? Talk about show stopper! Simply lovely.


Skimming through their Instagram (@mejeannecouture), it seems MeJeanne Courture is a dress whisperer. Just tell them what you envision yourself in and they will bring it to life. I look forward to dressing my prom, pageant, red carpet and bridal clients in MeJeanne Couture. Tremendous talent! For more information on your own custom dress, email info@mejeannecouture.com.


A job well done to Carolyn Desert the new Miss Haiti 2014 and MeJeanne Couture. Good luck at the Miss World competition this December in London, England.


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