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Glam Feature: Last Minute Manicure Solutions


This past weekend I had a photo shoot. Exciting! I had everything packed and ready to go when I realized I hadn't gotten a manicure. I quickly threw my pink polish into my bag and a few minutes before the shoot, slapped some on. Needless to say, it got wrinkled and smudged so I kept my nails out of as many close up shots as possible. Whether you have a photo shoot, pageant interview, special event or job interview, your nails say a lot about you. So what do you do when you realize you won't have time to stop by your local nail salon? Here are three last minute manicure solutions!

1. ImPress by Broadway


Impress nails saved my life earlier this year. I was called for a last minute promotional modeling gig where I was going to be the host who welcomed and signed everyone in for a celebrity comedy show. With no time to spare for a manicure, I ran to the pharmacy and bought imPress nails by Broadway. There was no way, I was going to welcome people with crusty looking hands (not that my hands were but you get the point). During my hour long commute on the train, I discreetly matched my nail sizes, peeled the adhesive part of the nail open and pressed them onto hands. No one could tell the difference and I was absolutely impressed (no pun intended). image

They cost less than $10 and are easy to use. If you wear them longer in length than your own nails, you may notice that the material is more pliable than your average press on nails, which did freak me out at first but worked out just fine. They were easy to use and lasted until I forcefully peeled them off a week later. Here's their website for more info.

2. Jamberry Nails



Jamberry's are pre-desiged nail wraps that stick and stay on using heat for 3-5 seconds. So if we do the math, it'll take roughly an hour to get these babies on. I could ramble on about how to use them but I'd rather show you.

I'd recommend using these if your nail salon is already closed and you won't be able to get to them in the morning before your interview or event. I love the fact that Jamberry nails come in so many styles and a good range of sizes. They resemble and have been reviewed to last as long as a gel/shellac manicure but cost way less. image Unfortunately, these can't be bought in stores but luckily I found out that my friend Nancy sells them online! Plus, there's a month-end promotion going on to bring in new designs. Click here to see them all and for more info. Mine are in the mail and I can't wait to try them. According to the reviews I've seen, (good and bad), this is definitely for the DIY/ artsy girl like myself. Those who gave it a bad review had wrinkles in theirs which I can't understand how when all the necessary instructions, tools and tutorials are provided. Not for the "faint of arts."

3. Priv

image Okay now Priv! Can I tell you how ridiculously genius this company and app is? So, this is for my ladies (and gents) who can't get to the salon because for one reason or another you're stuck at home but want the authentic manicure experience and can't do it yourself. What do you do when you're hungry and can't leave? You order in! Same concept with Priv. Priv has a list of licensed professional nail technicians that you can find on their app who come to you. All you do is enter your location and the nearest registered techs are readily available by appointment. There are ratings from other customers, a photo of the person, and little bio. I've met a Priv nail tech at a beauty event so it seems that they show up for more than just house calls. Priv also has a variety of on-call beauticians ranging from hair stylists to fitness coaches. Check it out here or download the app and take it for a spin.


This is what their app looks like. You just select your desired service, book your professional and bada-bing-bada-boom! Finito. I'd recommend Priv also for meeting you on the set of your photo shoots if you're uncomfortable with having a stranger in your home.

Well, these are my three last minute manicure solutions. I hope they've been helpful and if you know of any others, feel free to comment below.


Luxe LeBlanc