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Glam Guide: How to Avoid a Nip Slip


Considering the effect it's had on live broadcasting, it's hard to believe that the nip slip is still an issue today. Then again, anything to make a statement, right? Wrong. If you have an honest battle with keeping your nipples in from time to time, here are some solutions to avoid a nip slip.

First, Take the Nip Slip Test


Stand in front of a mirror, preferably full length. Can you see your nipple(s) when you:

A. Pose sideways for a pic (add selfie arm) B. Bend forward to pick something up C. Let your posture sink as your would while laughing (add clapping or clasp hands) D. Raise your hands sky high E. Stand straight

If your nipple(s) caught some extra air or stole your shine in the mirror during any of these moves, you're prone to a nip slip. You may need to...

Use Double Stick Tape


When I competed in pageants with swimsuit fitness categories, you better believe I used double stick tape. While I consider myself a member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee), I'm not exempt from a nipple slip. I use fashion double stick tape from Victoria's Secret to hold my bikini bra AND panties (no wedgies allowed) in place. I had no worries when strutting the stage and you shouldn't either when stepping out of your home. It's recommended that you don't wear any lotion or oils because the tape won't stick. From experience I'd say to apply very little lotion (absolutely no oil) to prevent the tape from fusing to your skin and ripping it off. My skin didn't peel but it was red when it lacked any moisture at all under the tape. Overall, it does the trick!

Wear a Backless Bra


One reason we might choose not to wear a bra is because the straps would ruin the look of our beautiful backless garment. That's no excuse anymore because everybody and their mother are making backless bras. Seems like we're all on the "avoid a nip slip" bandwagon. This bra is constructed like a bustier up front and sticks to the skin on the side of your ribs. Please be sure to get fitted for your proper size as this is the main culprit for boob spillage and underflow. The exact opposite happens when a woman with smaller breasts gets a cup size that's too big, exposing her when she relaxes her posture or bends over.

Wear Nipple Covers


Everyone knows about pasties or nipple covers. They don't keep your breasts from falling out but they do prevent them from being exposed if they happen to. There are flat skin-toned patches that cover the areola and nipple or silicone versions. One option I've explored is the silicone bra. It's backless and strapless. My only reserves are that the adhesive part attracts dirt (no dirty boobs please) and that it doesn't provide support because gravity pulls it down along with your bust. I found myself squeezing them in place, looking like I was groping myself in public. The cleaning process requires mild soap and water but can you really scrub an adhesive? I prefer to wear them under an empire waist dress or blouse for the lift. Nonetheless, cover up!

Get Another Size


When shopping, I know how hard it is to leave that one thing at the store that we love so much but we have to draw a line in the sand. Unwanted exposure should be that line. If it's too big, try a smaller size or get it tailored. If it's too small and you're busting out, don't do it to yourself. Go up a size and have the areas that may be too big, taken in. Besides, you'll never be able to receive something better if you're holding on to whats in front of you. I'm a firm believer that there's always another option, so in the words of Elsa from Frozen "let it go!"

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