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Glamour Girl's Must Haves - Studs


No, not as in a handsome guy. I mean, that too but, I'm talking about one of the smallest forms of an earring. Studs are often underrated but they can be just as powerful as a pair of chandelier or statement earrings. Here's how:

1. Simply Studding

Wearing studs is a simple way to brighten up your face. Back when I was in high school, the popular guys we found attractive were transformed when they removed their diamond (yeah right... probably cubic zirconia) earrings. I kid you not, these guys went from an "ooh la la" to an "oh...ugh." That's when I recognized the power of "le studs." If it can work wonders for strong masculine features, imagine what it does for us girls! A small pair of shiny earrings embellishes the ear lobes but adds a delicate feminine touch to the face. Studs add a je ne sais quoi to a plain jane, accentuating the glimmer in her eyes. Such a simple, inexpensive find and it works! So, there's no excuse not to have a pair for yourself.

Find the featured Michael Kors studs here.

2. Here, There, Everywhere

Studs are incredibly versatile. They are the only type of earrings you can wear everywhere. Studs are highly recommended for interviews. They are the least distracting and help draw attention to your face, which is the place you want your future employer focused on. Studs can be worn with any outfit. From casual to formal, they fit any occasion as shown in the main photo above. Also, it doesn't matter what your style is, studs come in so many creative variations now that there are a pair of studs out there for every personality. Check out the slide show below to find your match.

3. Background Blinger

When wearing a statement necklace, studs are the way to go without clashing and looking like an ornamented object. Some statement necklaces can be paired with a bigger earring but generally, you don't want your necklace and earrings to be fighting for attention. Your face tends to gets lost in the shadows as though you're the mannequin advertising them. Studs are also great to pair with a loud top or high neckline that has lots of detailing. For evening wear, it can be a challenge to find a pair of earrings that match a dress with sparkle, sequins or gems. This is where your studs take the back seat and compliment your entire look without competing with your dress.

I hope you've found your studs more useful now and if you haven't bought a pair yet, below are a few beauties I picked out to help get you started. Let me know what you think.


Your Glamour Stylist, Luxe LeBlanc

You're Absolutely Studding in Studs

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