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Wedding Wednesday: Three Reasons You Need a Reception Dress


Some say one wedding dress is enough and a waste to get a second. However, I say there are great reasons in the name of fashion, comfort and just plain fun to get another. Here are three reasons you need a reception dress.

1. Wedding Gowns are Heavy


Princess-styled wedding gowns weigh 8-10 pounds and sometimes even more. It may not sound like much but between being strapped into bridal undergarments, barely eating from all your nerves shooting simultaneously, and moving around all day, the additional weight will speed up your exhaustion before the night is over. After the ceremony, formal photos and grand entrances, it's only deserving that you take off the poofy bullet proof ball gown. Change into something lightweight and sleek. You'll feel so much better and are sure to hear many oohs and ahs. After all it's your day and you deserve the attention so flaunt your physique in a form fitted reception dress. See some beautiful options I picked out for you below.


2. The Ceremony is Conservative


Many brides treasure the experience of being married in a holy place and must dress accordingly. That often means wearing a subtle conservative gown that covers the body, varying between short or long sleeves, respectful necklines and simple (as opposed to flashy) material. Such a sacred gown may not feel like the best option to boogie down in and a reception dress is the perfect solution. To truly get into celebration mode, a dazzling number will do the trick. You can choose to go with your bridesmaids colors or a blinged-out bridal number. Whichever one you choose, party on girl! It's a once in a lifetime occasion. Yes, even if it isn't your first wedding. So, enjoy these options below.


3. Long Dresses Drag and Get Dirty


Whether you're sweeping the floors in a cathedral length train or a shorter one, it's a pain to watch your white dress change colors right before your eyes. It's even more painful when everyone (especially your spouse) keeps accidentally stepping on your dress. Oh, and about the embarrassing, constant tripping over your own dress, shaking my head. If walking around in that dress causes so much trouble, imagine dancing in it.  Your dress would be finished! I'm talking about guests' heels getting caught in it and possibly ripping your gown. No bueno! Definitely a great reason to get a shorter reception dress. If your legs are one of your favorite assets, there goes even more of a reason to do so. Below are some tasteful options.


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If you were questioning whether or not you need a second dress, I hope I've helped you make up your mind. To all my brides-to-be, congratulations!

Your Glam Stylist,

Luxe LeBlanc