White Bodicon Midi Dress: NYFW Look 1

Photo Credit: Hadassah Dorcean

Happy New York Fashion Week!! It's finally here and I couldn't wait to show you my first look.  I'm wearing a white bodicon midi dress with golden, hand sewn, lace embroidery by designer Hadassador.  I'm honored to wear a piece from her newest collection, available this October.  


"Where would you wear this to?" 

The Luxe Response: Anywhere! The garment and style is in the eye of the adorned.  Some women might wear this dress out to dinner while others could see themselves getting married in it.  I can't tell you where to wear it to but I will say that if it makes you feel confident, bold and classy wear it.  All in all it's a great option for an after 6pm occasion, especially if you've been working out.

Outfit details:  Shoes (similar)

Outfit details: Shoes (similar)

"Would this look good on me?"

The Luxe Response: I generally prefer to dress clients with a (defined or perceived) tight core and curves above and below. I say "perceived" because there are undergarments that do wonders, providing the appearance of a sleek tummy you'd need for a body con dress.  With a high neckline, I would avoid styling a heavy busted woman in this dress because they'd appear even more top heavy than they really are. On the bottom, be sure to wear seamless underwear to avoid panty lines showing through. I wouldn't advise going commando unless your posterior doesn't jiggle. Ripples aren't cute, haha. 

Outfit details:  Sunglasses (exact)

Outfit details: Sunglasses (exact)

About Hadassador

“I am an inspiring fashion hero. A fashion hero is one who can visualize the future and see how apparel and beauty give a sense of pride, self-esteem, confidence,
and joy to others.”
— Hadassa Dorcean

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Designs: custom based sophisticated evening wear, contemporary women’s collections, knitwear, and bridal gowns

Fun Fact: She's only 19! So talented!