Floral Print Maxi Playsuit

It was the day of my birthday dinner and this glam stylist of yours had nothing to wear yet. Sounds hard to believe but I was so caught up with working on the new Luxe LeBlanc website that I put it off on the back burner.  I ran around, in and out of some downtown Brooklyn boutiques and found this beautiful floral print maxi playsuit!  

All photo credit: Roman Vail


At first, when my hubby saw it on the hanger, he poked fun, saying that I'd look like a piece of the jungle but once I tried it on, he didn't want me to try anything else. It was "the one," which supports the fashion advice I always give my clients, friends and family... 

Don’t judge the clothes on the hanger. Try them on!

What's a Maxi Playsuit?

When a maxi dress meets a playsuit/romper, they give birth to a maxi playsuit/ maxi romper.  It's a full romper with an added open front skirt. From behind, it looks like maxi dress but is a pleasant surprise once you turn around. This outfit made me feel like a diva, as deserved on my special day.  I found some more for you and attached them below in the slideshow.  Check them out.

My all-girls dinner party was held at  Amarachi Lounge  by the Manhattan bridge.  The food was fantastic!   

My all-girls dinner party was held at Amarachi Lounge by the Manhattan bridge.  The food was fantastic!   


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Autumn is right around the corner but the floral playsuit trend can transition right in with these fall colors. I also included a couple of non-floral ones. Tap your favorites to find out more. Happy shopping!