White Jumpsuit Trend

Jumpsuits are quickly becoming one of my favorite articles of clothing.  While writing this blog post, I realized that I own about 4... maybe more.  They're so easy to wear. Just slip one on, accessorize and you're done.  For my birthday, I actually wore two different styles, one white jumpsuit and one floral (I'll show you in a later post). For this white jumpsuit by Taylor Dress, I added a floral headband and sparkly gold pumps with matching accessories.

The Trend

Wearing all white can feel like a bit much.  You might be afraid you'll look like a bride or as if you're going to a sacred ceremony but trust me, it isn't so.

Interestingly enough, bridal jumpsuits are becoming a new trend ever since Solange got married in one, (boy was I spot on with my fashion prediction). I've recently adorned a model bride in a gorgeous Daniela Tabois bridal jumpsuit for a Munaluchi Bride styled shoot and can't wait to share the spread with you. Subscribe to my newsletter and you'll be the first to see! 

Okay, before I get carried away, take a look at how I styled my white jumpsuit for my birthday photo shoot. A special shout out to the fabulous plus size blogger Lissa for taking these beautiful pics of me. Check her out.

Jumpsuit by Taylor (Sold out)  Luxe Style Tip: I chose a wide leg/ bell bottom to soften my pronounced hips.

Jumpsuit by Taylor (Sold out) Luxe Style Tip: I chose a wide leg/ bell bottom to soften my pronounced hips.

Shop White Jumpsuits

It's the perfect time to snag a white jumpsuit because the summer sales are everywhere and you'll get a few wears at an all white party or out to dinner before labor day comes (even though I don't really care about the rule... here's how to wear white after labor day).  Which of these jumpsuits do you like? Tap your favorites for more details.