How To Wear A Crop Top (PARODY VIDEO)

I have to admit; when crop tops became popular, I couldn't stand the sight of them, but once I tried one on, I felt different.  It gave me an edge, a little pizzazz if I may.  I kind of wanted to wear one every day and slowly found myself building a collection.  I'm no crop-top addict but I sure can understand why some ladies might be.  

As your glam stylist, I decided to show you another side of me.  We're not one dimensional beings so why not combine my sense of humor, song writing & singing ability to the mix while I show you some outfit inspirations.  Check out my silly crop top parody! I've included a date night, a rocker, a flirty, a sporty & an evening glam crop top look. Let me know what you think and share it if you enjoy it.


My Inspiration

With every idea comes an inspiration.  My inspiration behind this video was the fact that I saw women of all different shapes and sizes rock the crap out of these crop tops. Most of all, I was in awe of my beautiful, former high school class mate, Angeley.  She owned it and I loved it! See for yourself.