Glamour Girl's Must Haves: Little Black Dress


Glamour Girl's Must Haves: Black to Basics - LBD

Let's get "black to basics." You know what I'm talking about; your "Little Black Dress!" Sure you've heard it time and time again but what's the big fuss about?

1. Black is slimming!

Whether you're bloated because it's that time of month or working towards your goal weight, no other color provides the illusion of a sexy silhouette.

2. Black is a staple base color!

It goes with just about everything. Basic pieces are the best for versatility. A simple black dress can be dressed up or down with metallic or colorful accessories, silk or denim, heels or flats.

3. Black works year round!

No need to worry about the fashion rules and regulations. Your little black dress can be worn from winter through summer and back.

When choosing a Little Black Dress consider your shape. Aim to create a visual balance between your top and bottom proportions, for example if you're heavier on top but feel you have no hips, an A-line or peplum dress will fill in that area giving you an hour glass figure. Below are some great pieces that I've pulled to make your shopping experience a little easier.

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