Best Dressed Wedding Guest


Best Dressed Wedding Guest

It's summer time and that means one of many exciting things, wedding season! Finally you can wear that pretty dress in the back of your closet you've been saving for a special occasion. However, the summer heat and weddings aren't always the best combination when it comes to wardrobe. I recently attended a wedding where I was tempted to photograph some fashion oh-no's but instead I'll tell you about them.

Number 1. Two guests, not one but two were dressed for the night club. I'm talking legs for days followed by stares, glares and watering mouths distracted from the ceremony. To make matters worse, this was a conservative couple and crowd. Whatever you choose to wear to a wedding should be considerate of the bride because it's HER big day. All eyes should be on the bride... Oh yeah and her spouse too but you get the point. Nix the short, tight, revealing number and opt for one that respects the occasion and celebrates the couple. Go cocktail instead of mini.

Number 2. One guest was in a lace champagne dress. What's wrong with that? Nothing, until the bride came out in her second dress and looked just like the guest. Unless the bride requests a specific dress code permitting you to wear white or the likes, don't wear anything close to bridal wear. Lace is a very common romantic material worn by brides as well as guests so if you're going to wear it, go bold in color to be safe (examples in slide show below). The odds of the bride coming out in something similar are slim to none.

Number 3. This last one was more of a bad wardrobe choice due to a lack of information. I was looking really cute in my turquoise wrap dress and bedazzled silver pumps until I arrived at the wedding reception. I had no idea that it was being held in a backyard under a tent in the grass. Oh no!!! My pretty 4 inch heels dug right into the dirt like a gardening tool. Reminder, when partying on soft ground wear wedges, block heels or flats.

Finding the right dress to wear for a wedding can be difficult. It requires being tactfully stylish and planning ahead. In the slide show below are some simple cocktail pieces that I’ve pulled to make your shopping experience a little easier for both plus and regular sizes. You can accessorize them like I did the blue dress above and below. Here are the details of the two looks that I created.

Featured photo: Alice + Olivia dress Bandage dress with silky cover up makes it sexy yet appropriate.

Multicolored Outfit Suzanna Dai earrings DVF clutch Steve Madden shoes

Golden Outfit: Chandelier earrings Zoe Adams clutch DVF shoes

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