Luxe Client Style Profile - Jennine

Hello my Luxescribers! I'm so happy to have you back today because we're starting something new!! After surveying some faithful followers, I've found that most of you think I mainly style brides and that isn't true. Though my published work shows otherwise, I cater to a variety of clients; from special occasions to full wardrobe revamps. For this reason, I will be highlighting some of my clients and their transformations.

Our first Luxe Client Style Profile will be Jennine. You may have met her during our Luxe Exchange on my YouTube channel. If not, the episodes are below. She is a fitness trainer (JennyJam Fitness) which means she's in workout gear on the daily. When she was ready to switch it up for a night out or otherwise, she had a little resistance to letting go of the comfort of her leggings and tees. During the exchange, I taught her how to let go and move on to her true sense of (#luxeapproved) style. Today, I'm proud to say that she's doing a fabulous job on her own. Check out her transformation and interview.

Disclaimer: My fitness transformation has been postponed for obvious reasons. I'll get my Teyana Taylor on soon! LOL I'm sure Jenny will help me find it.

Client Profile

Height: 5'2

Size: Small

Challenge area(s): Bust

StyleChallenge: Developing personal style outside of work gear

Service: Wardrobe Revamp



Starts at time 2:45 of video 

Shopping Tips for Jennine

Starts at time 4:51 of video

Jennine's Final Outfits

Starts at time 3:41 of video

Post Experience Interview


What did you learn about yourself/ your style during the Luxe Exchange?

I learned that I like to hold on to what I’m comfortable with. I held on to clothes from junior high school, through HS and even college. When I transitioned from 6th to 7th grade, I went from nerd to cool so I stuck with what worked [style wise]. Then at the end of junior high I got braces so I shrunk and played it safe as not get noticed or wear anything that would bring more attention to me and the fact that I had braces. I thought things looked fashionable on other kids but didn’t want to take the risk myself. 

How did Kathleen help you step outside of your comfort zone and into a more confident personal style?

First, she made me really uncomfortable by having me throw out all of the junior graphic tees I was hanging on to and then had me try on things I thought were cute but wouldn’t have tried on myself.  Now, it's easier for me get rid of outdated items in my closet and more likely to try on new things at the store.

What was your favorite part about being #AdornedByLuxe?

I have two favorite parts; going to the store and actually having an official stylist with me. It made me feel brave and fabulous. Secondly, when she helped me put outfits together in the comfort of my home, combining my new items with what I already had. I liked that she provided tips that I could remember and apply when I go shopping on my own.

Overall Thoughts:

Kathleen/ Luxe LeBlanc is a very good stylist and knowledgable in her field. She doesn’t only choose items for you but teaches you how to apply style tips while shopping for yourself. She takes into account your body type, personality, and vision and somehow translates that into your clothes.  She is professional and at the same time makes it a fun experience.  


Jennine's Own Looks Since Our Revamp

How do you think she did? Can you relate to her story? Let us know what you though of the overall experience below. Need help with your wardrobe, tell me all about it here.