Last Minute NYFW Prep - VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

I've been preparing for NYFW for a couple of weeks now but I'm still waiting on a dress from ASOS, some pieces from JustFab plus I need to get my hair, nails, brows and (debating) lashes done. I've got 2 of what almost looks like the same dress from Pink Blush Maternity dress and need to pick one. I'm literally running around like a headless chicken today so I need your help in making these decisions! HELP!

VOTE BELOW (see pics before voting) and tag along on SnapChat and InstaStories!

Which dress should I wear?
How should I wear my hair?
How should I wear my nails?

Which dress? White or fuchsia?


My afro or crochet curls?


Classic autumn color or funky Fashion Week design?

Are we connected on SnapChat? Instagram

My LAST MINUTE RUNS will be made today only (9.7.2016) LIVE via SnapChat. I'm new to InstaStories so I'll try them too while making my final decisions so make sure we're connected because I want your input!