NYFW Series: Golden Lace Crop Top + Pleated Leather Skirt

On my first day of shows I donned a pleated leather skirt and plaid Shoe-B purse as a nod to the scholars who headed back to school while I headed back to Fashion Week. I told myself that this time around I would take it easy because I didn't want to put too much stress on the baby. So I decided to attend a couple of shows a day, (as opposed to the 4+ shows in 6 degree F weather earlier this year). Getting my looks together was a bit challenging because as promised, I wanted to show you that 1. pregnancy does not have to crush your style and 2. I had to find comfortable + fashionable flats (nearly impossible) since I can't tolerate heels for long. I'm proud to say, I did it! So here are the details on the 1st look! 

This outfit contained absolutely NO MATERNITY CLOTHES. I found this gorgeous golden lace crop top by Gracia and couldn't resist. Crop tops are pretty cool when you have a bump because they don't have to fit around it. They just stop right on top. It seems like it's only available in navy blue at the moment which is still fabulous for the upcoming fall and even winter season. 

Since it's lace, it's transparent so I wore my black bralette underneath. There are two similar one's I'd recommend from MissGuided and ASOS.

On the bottom, I paired the top with my old Calvin Klein pleated leather skirt and pulled it up over my belly.  Fortunately for you guys, this style is back for the fall and I've found an almost identical one from J Crew and a couple of similar ones from Nordstrom Rack and Worthington (plus size). People could barely tell I was pregnant until they saw my waddle.


These flats are to die for! FERGIE girl, thank you! I walked around in them all day and had no complaints. Super stylish, suede with metal accents, a little heel (I hate completely flat shoes) and they were airy because of the perforated design. Great for the fall transition, work and nights out.

Speaking of nights out, let me tell you about Day 1!

You, my Luxe loves voted and the majority demanded the 'fro! I washed a blow dried my hair on medium heat to achieve this fluffy natural consistency. Then I did my make up and tried gold lipstick for the 1st time. It was fun! You'll see everything I used in the video below.  

Once I was all dressed, I made my way to my 1st stop, Style Fashion Week's Malan Breton show. I got my press pass and waited along side the photographers' pit with other media outlets. There was one RUDE not-so-gentleman who kept moving from side to side, wearing a big backpack that was hitting me with every turn. So, I asked him, "would you mind removing your backpack? You keep hitting me with it." He looked at me and said "No" and continued testing his camera (you'll see him in the video). Yes, my #PettyBetty came out (recently acquired with pregnancy) and I decided to take shot of him and stand in front of his lens with my 'fro while rubbing my pregnant belly. I think he got the gist and lucky for me (and him), I was escorted to a front row seat.  I caught some great footage and was shocked to see that the final piece was modeled by Nene Leakes. The collection was well constructed, cohesive and stunning! The video doesn't do it justice but check it out below.

I met the show-stopping, fellow fashion stylist, Laurean Ossorio who thought he knew me from somewhere, "the land of fabulous" as he put it. LOL Thanks hon, xo.  

As soon as that show ended, I had 10 minutes to run over to my next one which was about 5 blocks away. When I arrived, there was a line of people waiting to get in.  We all waited in the humid breeze-less heat for over an hour before being allowed in which was very disappointing. On the bright side, I met 2 beautiful girls who write for "Muslim Girl." Eman, who is a talented journalist and designer (she wore her creation seen above) and Najma, a brilliant and vocal writer.

The FTL Moda show was exhilarating. Fashion with a message. You'll see what I mean in the video but to highlight a few, Shock and Aww had funky pop art statement pieces, including a live snake!  Designer Vaishali brought the crowd to tears with choice model and acid attack survivor, Reshma Qureshi and Chasa included a model missing an arm and had her models do their final walk with signs in hand which read knowledge, confidence and a list of other empowering words.  

Of all the beautiful garments, my favorite piece of the night was the multi-patterned sweetheart gown by LeVico worn by a tall chocolate skinned model in golden wings. Before the night was over, I dined with people I had just met, bumped into a reality star and was interviewed E! Latina. Surreal!

Okay, enough said! Watch the video to see it all for yourself!! (Timeline guide below) XO!


Get ready with me - 0:18 

Style Fashion Week - Milan Breton Show - 2:55

Nene Leakes - 4:55

FTL MODA Show - 5:10

Pics with Jersey Shore - 8:29

E! Latina Interview - 8:47

Day's wrap up - 9:08

First Haul Video announcement - 9:40

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