Photos by team Luxe: Valentina & Djenane

What does this mean for LeBlog?

I am happy and proud to announce that I will be providing fashion tips for moms-to-be! LeBlog will still be filled with seasonal style inspirations but my clothing will be mostly from maternity brands and cater to keeping pregnant women in style. You can expect to find a mixture of maternity, regular and plus sizes in the shopping section of each blog post so don't go anywhere! I can't do this journey without you! xx


1. How long will you be blogging maternity wear?

My goal is to blog maternity wear though the end of the year then work on my "snap-back."

2. What do you want? A boy or girl?

A happy, healthy blessing from above. I don't care.

3. How does it feel?

Like an alien has taken over your body but the sweetest kind ever, LOL.

4. Will you be vlogging?

Maybe, stick around and you'll see!


So can I just tell you how fast I fell in love with this Jessica Simpson maternity maxi?! At first I thought it would fit like a moo moo but instead, it fit like a glove. This was the moment that I began to fully appreciate maternity clothing. I always thought, just buy a size up and you'll be fine.... nope! Stores like Motherhood are a peace of mind.

Unfortunately it seems there are only XL's online but I highly recommend getting the style number and calling your nearest Motherhood. If you're petite like me, you'll have to get the dress hemmed. I wore it as is.

My denim pumps are by Chrisitian Siriano and can be found here. 


I am so excited to share this journey with you all! Some of you have been there since the beginning, my pageant days. And now, onto mom-hood! Let's go!

If you're also expecting or are just curious, feel free to ask your fashion questions below.