What Do Pregnant Women Wear to the Beach?

This past Sunday was my birthday and I had the most fun! I decided to celebrate at the beach which seems easy breezy but in fact, I was running around all week in search of a bathing suit. I mean, don't pregnant people cover up their growing bellies in a preggo-proof one piece, or giant tee?

NOPE! Not this mama! Think about it... this is the BEST time to wear a bikini because guess what? There's no pressure to have toned abs! Plus, I didn't realize the amount of cooing that would by thrown my way. One friend jokingly said, "wow, the belly does exist." 

Photos by: Lucas-Murray Photography

So, to answer the question, if you're pregnant, don't kill yourself looking high a low for a swimsuit, mega tee, bodysuit, etc. A simple 2 piece will do. A cute cover-up like mine (custom made by glamaZonstitched) only enhances your adorable baby bump. Yes, it's adorable even when you're close to giving birth.  In addition, be sure to pack lots of water to stay hydrated in the hot sun, wear sunscreen, a fabulous hat and shades to keep the rays from your face and out of your eyes. Enjoy the remaining beach days in style and congrats on your pregnancy!  

For custom cover ups and more in all sizes (not specific to maternity) email glamazonstitched@gmail.com